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“People don’t have ideas. Ideas have people.” – C.G. Jung

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I fortunately have questions that I’ve answered about my video and publish them here for your review.
This is a growing list of Universal Constants, Variations, and Identities I am compiling. Please continue to check this document, as it will be expanded through time.

Some of these may seem to you to be trivial or obvious, but there’s more to them than what we normally expect. They are so simple and yet so profound. We may take them for granted or be oblivious to them! They are embedded so deep in the Universe that they may even seem silly or humorous to the uninitiated and/or the sceptical.

Please give them time to sink in. Then decide for yourself if they are to be ignored, rejected, or reviled.

Allow me time to develop this list and I’m sure you will agree that they comprise everything we know.

Prerequisite thinking leading to more general and complete knowledge representations:
● Awareness is primary and fundamental.
● All Awareness is non-dual unless it is dual.
● There is no inside without an outside nor outside without an inside.
● Duality is bounded, non-duality is boundless.
● Boundaries arise in a spectrum from diffuse to concise.
● Reality is composed of whole parts (Holons).
● All Holons have at least six fundamental capacities.
● Observation is communication between one or more participants.
● The ends are determined by their means.
● Knowledge is the meaning of meaning.
● Knowledge is what awareness does.
● Singular and plural arise together.
● Time is a temporally ‘linear’ (directed) form of change that is not limited by dimension. Time cannot be reified.
● Creation and discovery compliment each other and are the means in which the Universe fundamentally unfolds and enfolds itself.
● Interiority and Exteriority arise together.
● Dimension is a spectrum or domain of awareness: they essentially build an additional point of view or perspective.


 Mathesis Universalis Cyclopedia